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Blood collection

Phlebotomy service only with the lab of your choosing

vitamin injections

For wellbeing support

skin boosters

Using premium hyaluronic acid products

under eye and meso therapy

Lumi Eyes | Infini HairMAX and Premium Meso H+ Hair

fat dissolving injections

Choose from LemonBottle, Infini Lipo-Max, Lipo Lab, Face Nade

Let’s talk skin

SKIN BOOSTERS WITH Hyaluronic acid

Skin Boosters can be used to treat a range of areas including the face, neck, décolletage and hands. They are most commonly used on the lower face, and are a perfect treatment for smokers lines. Improve skin texture and hydration around the mouth, chin, and lower cheek.

LET’s talk hair

The INFINI Premium Meso HairMAX complex prevents excessive hair loss, inhibits the process of hair thinning and stimulates their growth by extending the anagen phase. Its action is based on a mixture of biomimetic peptides, growth factors, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

  • Revitalisation of hair and scalp

  • Reduction of excessive hair loss and baldness (alopecia)
  • Stimulation of hair growth
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Improving vitality, quality and condition of hair


If you’re experiencing volume loss on the back of your hands, skin boosters could be a viable solution worth considering. Typically, this condition presents with dehydrated skin and thinning, where veins become more prominent, leading to a less smooth texture. Skin boosters offer a potential remedy for addressing these concerns.

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Our reviews

Ildiko Szabo


Julia you are an amazing person, professional and caring, absolutely the best at her job ❤️

Carmen Carmen


I had the privilege of being attended to by Iulia qualified as a General and occupation health nurse, during my recent visit for blood test and vaccines administration.

Iulia demonstrated exceptional professionalism and competence. Her technique during the blood test was precise and she made me feel at ease throughout the process.

When she administered vaccines , Iulia took the time to explain the purpose of the vaccines. Her clear communication helped alleviate any concerns I had.Her attention to detail ensures my records are complete and reliable, efficiently managed the process, minimising any disruption to services.

As a patient, I appreciate her commitment to both my well being and the efficient functioning of the health care system.
I wholeheartedly recommend her services.
Thank you, Iulia, for your outstanding work! 👏🙌

Yevheniya Kompanets


Julia is absolutely wonderful. She is kind and gentle and she really knows what she’s doing.

Darius Roman


Julia was very fast and reassuring when I had my vaccine with her. Steady and soft hand, barely felt getting the shot. Definitely would recommend.

Rosangela Pagnotta


I am a Medigold employee and is from there that I know Julia.

When I was in needed to have my blood taken, Julia has always been very professional and efficient.

My veins are always difficult to find.
But Julia always finds them strait away.

Also I didn’t experience any bleeding or bruising and she made me feel relaxed and confortable.

Would highly recommend her.

Diana Roman


Had my bloods taken by Julia to do a Covid antibody test. I’m usually good with needles, but I bruise easily afterwards.
Julia found a vein instantly and has a very soft touch, didn’t even feel the needle going in. Best part was that it was the first time when I didn’t bruise after bloods being taken x

Cornelia Straista


Vreau sa-ti spun un mare mulțumesc ptr ca ai aparut si mi-ai oferit serviciile tale într-un moment dificil,pe care l-am trecut cu bine și datorita tie!Mi-ai oferit incredere si liniste atunci cand am avut nevoie cel mai milt…Imi pare bine ca ne-am cunoscut și te recomand oricand cu placere și fără nici o ezitare tuturor!